TriedThing Three Levels Cat Toy, Orange, 13 х 26 cm

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TriedThing Three Levels Cat Toy, Orange, 13 х 26 cm

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<strong>Pet Friendly</strong><br> Your pet will love this
Pet Friendly
Your pet will love this
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TriedThing Three Levels Cat Toy  

The balls move in a circle on three levels.

The toy encourages cats to touch and grab the balls with their paws.

The toy meets the needs of mental and physical exercises of cats.

Improves activity, flexibility, senses and intelligence.

Helps cats behave more obediently by satisfying the need to play.

Ability to play one or more cats at once.

It adheres firmly to the floor, thanks to non-slip feet.

It is made of strong plastic material.

The toy is on 3 levels and each level has 1 plastic ball.


Contents of the box: 1 plastic tower (3 parts), 3 different colored balls.

Height: 13 cm

Diameter of the base: 26 cm


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