Sleeping bag Owli, Midnight Star, 2.7 TOG, 3-4 years

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Sleeping bag Owli, Midnight Star, 2.7 TOG, 3-4 years

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3-4 years
3-4 years
2.7 TOG
2.7 TOG
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Sleeping bag Owli 2.7 TOG

The award-winning Owli is proud to present the warmest solution for winter days.

The Owli 2.7 TOG sleeping bag is here to be your child's only sleepwear on cool autumn days or cold winter nights.

Luxurious, quilted cotton is ideal for sleeping or playing.

Legs outside or curled? You decide.

The folding cuffs, which turn into non-slip socks, provide extra warmth and protection on slippery surfaces.

Folding gloves are ideal to keep your hands warm on cold walks outside.

Easy to use two-way zipper reaching the baby's foot.

Quilted cotton fabric keeps the ideal body temperature of the babies in the sleeping bag.

Ideal for self-use at temperatures between 16 ° C - 22 ° C.

Breathable, durable, easy to care for fabric.


Outer layer: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

Inner layer: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

Filling: 100% high quality polyester

Wash in the washing machine.

Tumble dryer allowed.

Do not iron.

Do not bleach.

How to choose the right sleeping bag?

For a room temperature of 24-27 ° C, choose a 0.3 TOG bag. Suitable for summer.

For a room temperature of 21-23 ° C, choose a 0.5 TOG bag. Suitable for afternoon sleep in winter or on colder summer evenings;

For a room temperature of 16-22 ° C, choose a 2.7 TOG sleeping bag.


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