Protective Face Shield for Multiple Use, Blue

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Protective Face Shield for Multiple Use, Blue

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Protective Face Shieled

Material characterictics:

  • Suitable for use in the food industry according to the 10/2011 FDA / EU standards
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • It is resistant to impacts and scratches.
  • Chemical resistant
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Completely recyclable

Face shield features

  • Easy and convenient use
  • Provides full protection for nose, mouth and eyes
  • Protection against drops and splashes of liquids
  • Possibility to use with glasses
  • Possibility to use with medical mask
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Universal size - presence of a silicone regulator - memory silicone, which fits and stretches according to the size of the head 
  • Innovative grip and adjustment
  • Antifog coating on both sides - does not mist
  • Ergonomic design
  • Coated with protective film on both sides

Use: for production, hygiene and medical use.


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