Owli Swaddle/Sleeping Bag, Palm Springs, 6-9 months

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Owli Swaddle/Sleeping Bag, Palm Springs, 6-9 months

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Owli Swaddle/ Sleeping Bag

Do not worry! You don't have to be a swaddle expert, Owli does everything for you.

Owli Swaddle Sleeping Bag allows babies to feel safe by wrapping them tightly, mimicking the feeling in the mother's womb.

Effective: Helps the baby to sleep peacefully by providing an environment similar to the mother's womb.

Hip-healthy: Convenient for the thighs design that does not interfere with the movements of the baby's legs. Recognized by the IHDI (International Hip Dysplasia Institute) as a hip-healthy product.

Easy to use: One-step wrapping that does not require any complicated techniques, thanks to the easy-to-use two-way zipper design. In just one step, the baby is swaddled!

It does not interfere with any of the baby's natural movements, thanks to its special design using a flexible elastic fabric.

Provides the correct and ideal swaddling density.

The unique design supports the healthy development of the baby's hip.

Owli Swaddle Sleeping Bag helps babies sleep longer by gently wrapping them around.

With the light and breathable cotton fabric Owli Swaddle Sleeping Bag can be used all year.

The two-way zipper allows for quick and easy diaper change.

The Swaddle easily turns into a Sleeping Bag at any time by simply unbuttoning the tic-tac buttons at the sleeves. This feature helps your baby gradually move from a swaddle to a sleeping bag.

Materials: 95% cotton, 5% lycra


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