Owli Outdoor Sleeping Bag, Mustard, 0-6 months

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Owli Outdoor Sleeping Bag, Mustard, 0-6 months

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Owli Outdoor Sleeping Bag

Owli Outdoor Sleeping Bag will be your baby's fluffiest protection against cold weather.

The Owli Outdoor Sleeping Bag is a star-shaped blanket that is easy to put on. It is designed to replace loose blankets for outdoor activities on cold days. Thanks to the innovaitve design,it  allows your baby to move its legs freely.

Owli Outdoor Sleeping Bag is compatible with car seats, strollers and joggers.

Compared to adults, babies lose their body temperature faster. Owli Outdoor Sleeping Bag provides comfort and warmth while walking or sleeping outside. Used with plain sleepwear, Owli is ideal for long stroller rides in the park or car trips on cold days.

The velvety-soft fabric is breathable, light and cozy - it keeps your baby warm and prevents sweating.

Designed as a blanket that wraps the baby, Owli Outdoor Sleeping Bag is easily adjustable and fastens with hidden velcro fasteners.

Recognized by the IHDI (International Hip Dysplasia Institute) as a hip-healthy product.

100% wellsoft polyester.

Available only for 0-6 months

Wash in the washing machine.

Do not iron.


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